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Mass Intentions For The Week

Sat.   Oct. 20th  5:30 pm-  Claudette Allard by Evelyn Scerbo
Sun.  Oct. 21st 11:00 am- Soledad La-Chico by The Family


Wed. Oct. 24th  9:00 am –

Thur. Oct. 25th 9:00 am –

Fri.    Oct. 26th  9:00 am

Sat.  Oct. 27th    5:30 pm – Alex Vinci by The Green Family

Sun. Oct. 28th 11:00 am – Linda Reda by Terry Fiore


29th Sunday in Ordinary Time

For the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve (Mk 10. 45)


In this reading James and John request positions of honour in the coming Kingdom. In reply Jesus asks if they can share his cup and baptism. The images refer to the suffering and death that await him.


Here the metaphor of drinking the cup refers to acceptance of the destiny assigned by God, which involves divine judgment of sin that Jesus, the innocent one, is to expiate on behalf of the guilty. His “baptism” will be Crucifixion and Death for the salvation of the human race. James’ and John’s request for a share in the glory involves a share in Jesus’ sufferings, the endurance of trial and suffering for the Gospel. He names his Passion “baptism,” a word that indicates his sufferings will be the font of the purification for the whole world. Their fervour makes them give the spontaneous response “We are able” without knowing what they are committing themselves to, but with the hope that in some way they will get what they desire.


As earlier, the disciples’ failure to understand leads Jesus to teach about service. True greatness lies not in wielding authority over others, but in being the servant or slave of all –a theme that dominates Jesus’ teaching. Whatever authority is to be exercised by the disciple must, like that of Jesus, be rendered as service to others rather than for personal aggrandizement. Jesus’ service is his Passion and Death for the redemption of the human race. As a clinching argument, Jesus presents himself as an example in his role as Son of Man, who came not to be served but to serve. By implication, any follower of the Son of Man can do no less.


Workbook for Lectors… p. 286 – 287.     



Upcoming Parish Events

Catholic Women's League - Upcoming Initiatives
Collection of School Items
Each year the CWL partners with parishioners to collect school items &/or monetary donations.  They are distributed to St. Jude and Mountain View Elementary Schools and Lake of Two Mountains High School.  Baskets will be in the front entrance of the church for your generous donations from until October 7th. (Chairperson – Linda Harris)

CWL Membership – $20.00

Your CWL membership is now due.  I will be available at our General Meetings or you can put it in an envelope marked CWL and put it into the collection basket on Sunday.  Please pay your membership as soon as possible.

Thanking you in advance……Lorna….Membership Chairperson


Lobster or Steak Supper – Thank You!

Ellen and I would like to thank everyone who helped make this CWL Fundraiser a big success.

We have the back-yard boys preparing the lobsters and steaks, the salad girls serving the salad plates, the kitchen crew, the set-up and clean-up crews.  We have people who donated gifts and then of course we have everyone who came out and supported this event.  We hope to see you all again the last Saturday of September 2019.

Thank you so much………Ellen & Lorna

CWL Christmas Bazaar & Turkey Supper

Friday, November 16th 4:00 to 7:30 p.m. 

Supper at 6:00 p.m. Adults $15.00 Children Under 13 $6.00.

Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, carrots, turnip, buns, dessert & coffee or tea.

Tickets on sale today – see Margaret Ford

We are looking for items for our booths; jewelry, bottles for our bottle booth, knitting, small new items, raffle prizes and baking for our baking booth. Donations would be greatly appreciated.  Drop them off during office hours or

see Linda Harris on Sunday’s.  Thanks!



“Your Stewardship is The Source of Our Growth”

                             October 14th - $864.50

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND GENEROSITY                              





As an ongoing Parish Fundraiser and The Fundscrip Team hope that you will consider becoming a New Sponsor.  We place orders twice a month and distribute the following weekend.  You can go online or give us cash or a cheque.  It is easy and a great Fundraiser....please think about it!

Think about ordering online, it’s quick & simple.

October:  Order Dates   = Oct. 14th & Oct. 28th

               Pick-Up Dates = Oct. 7th & Oct. 21st


Fundscrip.Com (Invitation code: 97GGCN)

See the Parish Secretary for more information.
Envelopes:  Using a weekly collection envelope is an important step in supporting your parish.

   New   ***We have a limited number of children’s envelopes.  Just add your envelope #.

                   Tax receipts are available.

Home Visits:

If you or someone you know is unable to attend Mass

and would like to receive communion at home from Fr. Stephen; 

please call the office.


For information call the Secretary for the date of the next Baptism Preparation Session. 


The couple must arrange for an initial interview

providing sufficient time (6 months) prior to the marriage. 

Parking:        Please park as efficiently as possible, think about the other parishioners.

Facilities for Your Convenience:

Quiet Room - Through the door to the right of the small altar.

Washroom - Entrance of church near the stairs to the choir loft.

The Parish "after-mass" gathering will return after the summer break



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