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Sat.   Feb. 17th  5:30 pm –

Sun.  Feb. 18th 11:00 am –

Wed. Feb.  21st  9:00 am –

Thur. Feb.  22nd  9:00 am -

Fri.    Feb.  23rd  9:00 am -

Sat.  Feb.   24th    5:30 pm –

Sun. Jan.   25th 11:00 am

1st Sunday of Lent  

Baptize the entire Ford Motor Plant,” Henry Ford: You might have heard the story of the machinist who worked years ago at the original Ford Motor Company plant in Detroit, Michigan.  Over a period of years, he had “borrowed” from the factory various car parts and tools which he hadn’t bothered to return.  While the management never condoned this practice, nothing was ever done about it.  In time, however the “forgetful” machinist experienced a Christian conversion and was baptized.  More importantly, the man took his Baptism seriously and became a devout believer.  The very morning after his Baptism, the machinist arrived at work with his pickup truck loaded with all the parts and tools he had taken from the Ford Company over the years.  He went to his foreman and explained that he never really meant to steal them and asked to be forgiven.  The foreman was so astonished and impressed by this act that he cabled Henry Ford himself, contacting the auto magnate while he was away visiting a European Ford plant. In his telegram the foreman described the entire event in great detail.  Ford immediately cabled back this striking two-line response: “Dam up the Detroit River.  Baptize the entire Plant!”  Our Scripture for this First Sunday in Lent focuses on the effect our Baptism should have on our lives especially during the Lenten season. 

         …. Father Stephen’s: A Little Food for The Soul



Upcoming Events:
March 17th St. Patrick’s Pub Nite
April 7th Fr.Lowe Memorial Hockey Night & Spaghetti Supper

Upcoming CWL Events

-Membership is overdue - $20.00; If you haven’t paid yet Please put your money in an envelope labeled CWL dues and put it in the collection envelope.

St. Patrick’s Pub Nite 2018 Sat., March 17th

Holy Family will be hosting an Irish Pub Nite.  Come one, come all to this family friendly fundraiser. This will be a great night of entertainment.  Please mark the date on your calendar.   Full details will follow shortly. We hope you can all make it.

-Letter Writing Campaign

It has been mentioned by the Bishop that he has received over 30 letters from parishioners of Holy Family.  For those who have not written your letters please follow thorough and send it along with a short one from your children.  Our Bishop needs to hear why it is important to keep Holy Family Parish open.  Will we be one parish or share our building, let's keep our minds and hearts open.


Sunday Missals - Several are left to purchase $5.00 (front door)


Collection Envelopes – If you haven’t picked up your assigned Collection Envelopes you will have to see the secretary now.  All the envelopes are in the secretary’s office.

There will be no Office Hours starting Wed. Feb. 21st until Fri, March 9th as Lynne our Secretary will be on vacation.


“Your Stewardship is The Source of Our Growth”

February 11th, 2018 - $583.00

    THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPORT AND GENEROSITY                              


Today we begin our Fundsrcip Blitz.  This is an ongoing Parish Fundraiser and The Fundscrip Team hope that you will consider becoming aNew Sponsor.  Each bulletin has a copy of our order form in it, so please take a look at our Retailer's List.  We  will be offering a one time $5.00 Rebate on orders of $200.00 in Feb. and March for New Sponsors.  We place orders twice a month and distribute the following weekend.  You can go online or give us cash or a cheque.  It is easy and a great Fundraiser....please think about it!


Think about ordering online, it’s quick & simple.

Fundscrip.Com (Invitation code: 97GGCN)

See the Parish Secretary for more information.

Envelopes:  Using a weekly collection envelope is an important step in supporting your parish.

   New   ***We have a limited number of children’s envelopes.  Just add your envelope #.

                   Tax receipts are available.

Home Visits:

If you or someone you know is unable to attend Mass

and would like to receive communion at home from Fr. Stephen; 

please call the office.


For information call the Secretary for the date of the next Baptism Preparation Session. 


The couple must arrange for an initial interview

providing sufficient time (6 months) prior to the marriage. 

Parking:        Please park as efficiently as possible, think about the other parishioners.

Facilities for Your Convenience:

Quiet Room - Through the door to the right of the small altar.

Washroom - Entrance of church near the stairs to the choir loft.

Join us in the hall for coffee/tea


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