Weekly Bulletin

Mass Intentions For The Week

Sat.   Dec.  9th   5:30 pm –

Sun.  Dec. 10th 11:00 am – Monica Morency by Yolande & Vic

Wed. Dec. 13TH  9:00 am –

Thur. Dec. 14TH  9:00 am -

Fri.    Dec. 15th   9:00 am -

Sat.  Dec.  16th    5:30 pm –

Sun. Dec.  17th 11:00 am – CWL Members: Living & deceased


Letting God Find Us: A school principal called the house of one of his teachers to find out why he was not at school. He was greeted by a small child who whispered: "Hello?" "Is your Daddy at home?" asked the principal. "Yes" answered the whispering child. "May I talk to him?" the principal asked. "No," replied the small voice. "Is your Mommy there?" the principal asked. "Yes," came the answer.  "May I talk with her?" Again, the small voice whispered, "No." "All right," said the principal, "Is there anyone besides you?" "Yes," whispered the child, "A policeman." "A policeman? Now may I speak with the policeman?" "No, he is busy," whispered the child. "Busy with what?" asked the principal. "Talking to Daddy and Mommy and the fireman," came the child's answer. "The fireman? Has there been a fire in the house or something?" asked the principal. "No," whispered the child. "Then what are the policeman and the fireman doing there?" Still whispering, the young voice replied with a soft giggle, "They are looking for me." It would be pretty hard for the 'rescuers' to find the child as long as the child keeps hiding from them. -In Today’s Gospel we see John the Baptist calling out to the people of Judea to come out into the open space and let God find them. You can liken John the Baptist’s call to the fireman calling to the 'lost' child. The child has to leave his hiding place and come out into the open for the policeman to find him. (John Pichappilly in The Table of the Word).
       ….. Father Stephen’s: A Little Food for The Soul

Non-perishable Food Drive (Guignolée) for:  Dépannage Saint-Agapit Inc.
  We have put out baskets as we are doing a Collection of NON-PERISHABLE foods. The items collected are used for the preparation and distribution of the Christmas Baskets for the less fortunate families in the surrounding areas. You can bring in your contributions up to December 20th.
PLEASE give generously.  

Upcoming Parish Events

-CWL's 65th Anniversary & Christmas Supper 6:00 at Scores Tues, Dec. 12th
-CWL's 65 Anniversary Mass, Sunday Dec. 17th.  Please sit in the front pews.
-Lunch with Santa, Sunday Dec. 17th Letters and Sign-Up Sheet available.
-Decorating of church for Christmas, Sunday Dec. 17th - see Linda Harris
-Feast Day of Holy Family our 60th Anniversary Dec. 31st Lunch after Mass.


Warden’s Elections –Meeting of the Parishioners
Sunday, December 10th, 2017 at 12:15, after Mass. 
There are 2-Three-year terms to be filled.  To be warden one must be a Catholic, 18 years old and reside within the border of the parish.
I would invite everyone to prayerfully and thoughtfully consider your participation in the very important board.  Talk to those people you feel might be an asset to the parish as a warden; discuss it with others if you think you would bring skills to the table, but most of all pray that God will guide us and continue to bless our community.  In Christ’s Service…Wayne Riddell,
President of the Fabrique of Holy Family Parish.



“Your Stewardship is The Source of Our Growth”

December 3rd – $863.50



                                  Prayer for the Poor:
Generous Father, As you provide for our needs each day, foster in us, we pray, a greater desire to be generous to those in need.  May our compassion for the poor be manifest in our prayers and actions.  Through your grace, may we lovingly work to ease the corporal and spiritual poverty around us.






Fundscrip Christmas Blitz   

Last year we were very successful ordering cards to be used

as presents or stocking stuffers.  Fundscrip Order Forms are

in the entrance of the church or see Terry or Lorna and they

will help you place an order.


DECEMBER: Order Dates=Dec. 3rd, 10th

Pick-Up Dates = The following Sunday / Last P/U date Dec. 17th

New sponsor Tim Hortons at 2%

Think about ordering online, it’s quick & simple.  Fundscrip.Com (Invitation code: 97GGCN)

See the Parish Secretary for more information.

Envelopes:  Using a weekly collection envelope is an

                   important step in supporting your parish.

   New   ***We have a limited number of children’s

                    envelopes.  Just add your envelope #.

                   Tax receipts are available.

Home Visits: If you or someone you know is unable to

                   attend Mass and would like to receive

                   communion at home from Fr. Stephen;

                   please call the office.

Baptisms:     For information call the Secretary and you will be given the date of the next Baptism Preparation Session. 

Marriages:    The couple must arrange for an initial interview providing sufficient time (6 months) prior to the marriage. 

Parking:        Please park as efficiently as possible, think

                     about the other parishioners.

Facilities for Your Convenience:

Quiet Room - Through the door to the right

                       of the small altar.

Washroom - Entrance of church near the

                     stairs to the choir loft.

Join us in the hall for coffee/tea


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